Wholesale Exotic Plants

Who can purchase plants from OMG?

Only preapproved clients can purchase our high-quality exotic plants.

How do I become a preapproved client?

Go to the application section and complete the profile in full.  You will be notified within 48 hours if you have met the preapproval requirements. 

What Payment methods are available ?

Payment is due at time of delivery and may be made in cash, or by credit card.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final after twenty-four hours. 

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Feature Plant

Tradescantia Albavitta Albaflora

Feature Plant

Quadra Color

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Feature Plant

Rainbow Color

Feature Plant

Variegated Poinsettia

variegated | ˈver(ē)əˌɡādəd | adjective exhibiting different colors, especiallyas irregular patches or streaks: variegated yellow bricks. Botany (of a plant or foliage) having or consisting of leaves that are edged or patterned in a second color, especially white as well as green. marked by variety: his variegated and amusing observations.

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Feature Plant

Senecio 'Hippogriff' Commonly Referred To As The Dolphin Plant Or Dolphin Succulent

Dolphin plants are hybrids that bring extra charm to a sea-themed planter. Their unusual leaf form has typical succulent plumpness with low maintenance and few growing issues. The main thing to remember is that the plant is a succulent and requires well-draining soil to thrive.


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